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Hello I’m Zodajag, I know weird name but it’s my d&d name so I used it. I was brought here by my past edgy self and looked up “how to summon demons” and found out about the goetic demons so I looked up “how to summon Thoth” because if you are able to summon demons then surely you can summon gods and I was right which brought me here.
When I came here and looked through, I got an excited feeling like this is what I was looking for especially when I went through the courses and looked at the books.
Alright so I live in Lake Elsinore (just saying that just in case it might effect magick or something) and the god I’m interested in is Thoth. I’m interested in him because I thrist for knowledge and wisdom. I desperately want to be “smarter” than everyone else and then spread my knowledge like Thoth did. Now from what I heard, if you were to go truly go down the path of Thoth you would be homeless a couple of times. Is that true? Also is it true that Thoth could be sending you messages in the real world and you have to pay attention to it? Also what books or articles would be good for studying Thoth? I’m currently reading The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.
Now for my paths of study. Well even if I wasn’t going down the path of Thoth, I would still want to try all kinds of magick but my primary paths are Elemental magick, Black Magick (Egyptian and Norse too), Chaos Magick, Divination, Astral projection, Soul travel, and Evocation. So basically I have a lot to do.
I know you need grimoires for most thing but sadly I don’t have the money so I can’t even do the courses which might be symbolic, it might not.
Well that’s all I think, I would gladly appreciate help from any of you. Sorry if this is too much.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

You have probably come across Robert Stanley’s podcast and his theories on Thoth.
If only we knew where the Halls of Amenti were. I’d like to think Stanley is right about him incarnating on his own and helping humankind. After reading the Emerald Tablets it convinced me that we live in a holographic universe.

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I agree with that, sadly I’m only on the Seven Lords but from I read so far, it seems to cryptic that I’m going to need to read it several times to fully understand.