Hello! I'm new ☆

Hello all! I’m from Tennessee! I have some experience In general magical things such as Manifesting, Magical oils, Candle spells, Bath Spells, Petitions, and Tarot. I think I’ve been interested in these things since I was like 13, and I’m 27 now. (interest gradually growing still haha) And recently I have been into Enochian Magic. However, I am also very very very interested in demonaltry or demon evocation as well as angelic evocation. I’m just really into ceremonial magic.
I’m hoping to learn more about both here!

And also!
Nice to meet ya!


Welcome to the forum.


How long have you been practicing?

Ive been studying and doing minor things since like 2018. Pretty new still but very excited to learn more.

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Welcome :blush:

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Welcome :slight_smile:
I never heard about „Bath spells“. What is that exactly?