Hello I'm new to the site

Just started working the LHP after some reading of the Goetia, I did a ritual to Vine and really felt a powerful energy. Good luck to everyone. I’m glad to be here. BTW. I used Gordon Winterfield method in Demons of Magic book. Worked for me.

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How long have you practiced magick?

Do you have any experience in magick beyond Demons of Magick?

Hello, sorry it took awhile to respond. I have been doing magic almost a year now.
I live in small town bible belt, so get all info from books. I like…
Asenath Mason
Damon Brand
Ben Woodcroft
Theodore Rose
Rufus Opus
Corwin Hargrove
Gordon Winterfield
Adam Blackthorne
Henry Archer
I have worked well with Vine, Seer, Hekate, Marchosias, Lilith and Metatron.
Only one bad experience when I was in deep meditation and thought, it would be nice to have all the power of the 72 demons and and my senses became overwhelmed and I stopped the meditation and I could tell many spirits in the room with me and more coming every second.
It seemed they were not friendly and I did a quick banishing and they all left in an instant.
That happened about a month ago and I am too inexperienced to know what really happened. Maybe I should have shown more courage and see what would happen. I really wish I had a mentor sometimes.
Aside from that all has been great, Metatron only Archangel I work but really helps me and feel his energy. Everyone else is Demon and all I work well with, but feel Vine the strongest.
I really got a lot to learn, but very exciting and Interesting to me it’s a whole new world.
Best of luck to you and take care. Peace.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

Welcome to the forum!