Hello, I'm new here. I kind of went right into demon pacts and evocation. Asmodeus came quick


Hello everyone, I’m new so its intro time. I’m not sure where to begin. I guess I start with me unwisely playing with magick and getting more than I bargained for. I basically was trying a one size fits all evocation inviting any and all who would hear me.

The first and most intense encounter was with an older but handsome man with black flowing hair. Also he had a carved wooden staff that was over flowing with some sort of magick I couldn’t beging to understand. It gave off this chill in the air and fog poured fourth from it.

He began smiling then chanting. my arms started to rise towards to sky on their own as if wieghtless. and vibrations ran through my entire body. I became very faint nearly losing concussionness several time as we traveled in our ethereal form rapidly from one point of light to another. It was like we were made of translucent, compressed flame. I got to whereI had desired.

By being made ethereal. he appeared with a bright Aura light. A tremor was being sent through my body.

He was who I came to know as, asmodeus. King of hell.

He was very excited but slightly more angry with me. He very strongly recommend I stopped, but started back again with his sigil and enn. I have performed several evocations with asmodeus now.

He has appeared in many different forms. All polite and respectful with great humor. We were working on the pact for possession of my body, to a limited degree. only for 3 months. started writing at 11:11pm exactly so I could start with luck.

Asmodeus did say he might get stronger or weaker as we go on but his influence over took me and I begand shaking and vibrations run through my bones. My body began to violently thrash like my head jerking to the right over and over with no control.

When I finished the pact I turned to see that 4 hours had passed but I had only remembered a few key moments when I was writing the rest is a blank. It’s all written in my hand writing

Every time id say asmodeus make yourself know to me, my head and body would do stuff all it’s own. Then a giant uncontrollable grin would form on my face.

Guess I got the proof I needed. I think I’ll stick around and see what I else I can pick up. Maybe start small this time. Beginner stuff now.

Also since becoming ethereal. I have had this clear smoke rising from my hands to my shoulders. No one else seems to notice it.

Any clues what it could be?


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:


Welcome! Have you done any chakra openings or work within the body? I find that’s always a good place to start. Better to deal with your own body before anyone elses!


I have been working on my root chakra for about 2 weeks with mantra and meditation. Also working with healing light.


The smoke thing happened to me once while doing candle magick


Welcome to the forum! Nice experience!