Hello-I'm a new magician

Hello everyone,
I have have always been interested in the LHP but for whatever reason never did pursue it until a couple years ago . But now, I am fully committed and I have been learning, researching and following the LHP. I happened upon this platform and absolutely love it. Thanks to all of you who post here, I am learning and discovering new things regarding LHP.

I have been chanting/meditating enns for Lucifer, Claunek & Lillith with their respective sigils that I have drawn myself for about a month now. FYI, I do the chanting on my way to and back from work .
I have not really invoked or set up alters for them but rather , having personal conversations with them. Y’all, it’s been awesome thus far.
A couple days ago I started talking to King Belail and asking for his guidance and help. Weirdest thing though… random fly kept following me room to room at home. I got so annoyed and swatted it :frowning: but I had a couple more random stuff happen… I have woke up in the middle of the night a couple times and the word Beezlebub popped into my head! Also, random thunder and lightning right by my window even though nothing was expected per the weather channel. Am I just imagining stuff or is there some correlation to King Belial and Beezlebub.
Thanks for your insights.



How long have you been pracitcing magick?

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it here and learn many new things.

Welcome :blush:

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Welcome to the forum

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I’d say about a couple years. I’m learning every single day and amazed at how much this is helping me.

Thank you , I appreciate all the posts here , very informative and good to see folks be so generous about sharing their experiences and knowledge.