Hello Im a new here need help with sallos

Hello i’m just joined here but i’ve been reading here for a long time.
I’m interested in evoking spirits and demons mainly Sallos
I have tried summoning Sallos before with sigil , a red candel, and meditating but i think it was not enough i need help with summoning sallos like what time to summon him and proper method and can he help me.

Welcome @Deadly_Tulip

Where do you hail from?

Was your attempt to summon Sallos your first experience with magick?


I evoked him through demons of magick method,I felt his presence ,I did not get complete result ,it’s in the process I think,I will recommend Duke sallos if u hve any love related problem.

Hello I’m from india .
I’m just beginner at this I collected information about duke sallos and learned a bit bout summoning someone told me meditate while starting at sigil until u enter a state of trance i did but got nothing

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Thank you. but i wanna ask did you evoke him at day or night as i’ve heard sallos is a day demon?

i evoked him in night, day or night demon only means that you can feel his presence more in what type of demon he is, that is it, if its a day demon chances are you will feel his presence more in day .

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Welcome :blush:

It’s the other way around: you first need to get into trance and THEN you can perform magick.


Sorry i did not understood can you explain full method please.

You go into trance (there are several tutorials in the forum) an then gaze at the sigil until you see some sort of distortion.