Hello, I’m new

New to the forum but not new to magick/the occult.

I first became interested in wicca as a teenager back in the 90s, but swiftly lost interest in that particular practice. I replaced it with my own ad hoc blend of chaos magick and LOA type philosophy which I have practiced on and off ever since. Lately I find myself drawn back to a more formalised approach and have started researching the goetian spirits, and this is what motivated me to join the forum.

It seems like there’s a pretty relaxed vibe here, which can be difficult to find in occult circles. Looking forward to jumping in.


Welcome to the forum.

Where do you hail from?

Formalised in what way?

Do you have experience in any particular systems or traditions beyond your dabbling in Wicca?

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Me, too. Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome :blush:

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Oh, how I yearn for the 90s again…I was a teenager then as well, and had the time of my life. Welcome to the forum @Paper :wave:t4::blush:


Hi DarkestKnight. Thanks for your welcome.

I live in London, U.K.

I don’t have much experience in other systems beside Wicca, but after I lost interest in that I got quite invested in reconstructionist religion for a year or so. While I admired the drive for consistency and historical accuracy in the recon world, for me personally I found this modality unrealistic to maintain and a bit too rigid for my style. I’m glad I explored it, because it certainly pushed me beyond the modern abrahamic understanding of deities. I have studied tarot and other cartomancy systems extensively since early teens and that has informed much of my occult understanding. That’s about it, really.

Maybe “formalised” is the wrong term for what I’m seeking now. I suppose what I’m looking for is to reinvigorate my practice. I’ve essentially been winging it for the last 15 years with a rather half-arsed chaos approach, which has served me pretty well, admittedly. But I have a few projects and goals in mind and I feel like it’s time to knuckle down and get serious again… do some study and explore new deities/spirits.