Hello, i am an enthusiast of magic

i am 30 years of age
i hold extensive experience of dark/black energy which i have not practiced for more than 10 years
i do not practice anything but i will.
i am interested in the manifestation of thought over matter and know where to start from without any help but it feels great to know im not the only one and besides surely learning faster from this site from all its members its a good place to make the type of friends i can speak of something relating to my interests rather than nonsensical stuff. here we will speak of things most have no clue about, magic.
great to meet you all!
(sorry about any miss spelling or stuff like that)


i wish this site existed to my knowledge 10 years ago when it would have made even more of a difference although it still does make a huge difference and always will no matter how much time transpires from now. a lot to study, this is as far as im aware of, like the real version of Hogwarts lol. awseome.

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Magick is just bullshit. It doesn’t work. All the members here are just having themselves on. That’s why I’ve been involved in Magick – one way or another – the majority of my life. I just can’t seem to waste enough time and money on stuff that doesn’t work. Plus I’m a Satanic Low Priest and all the High Priests and Priestesses look down on me.