Hello! Hell-O, Helios!

“The purported “dark conjurer” or black magician is “another mind” primate dread trader who has some place discovered that there are more dominant scares than physical attack. The elements of terror, fear and mindwarp are found. You can frighten more individuals, and obtain more noteworthy power, by the misuse of clairvoyant attack.

At the point when a human’s “brain” or reality-build is undermined, the individual for all intents and purposes stops to exist as human, and relapses to the status of a threatened warm blooded animal in a snare.

Similarly as the conjurer benefits from dread and is thrown off walk by the presence of genuine mettle, the clairvoyant psychological militant feeds on guilelessness and is confused by insight.

So now, all I do is read, because I just want to learn.


Not sure what this is, but it’s not an introduction. You haven’t said anything about yourself or your magical experience.

Please do a proper introduction as you were previously asked to do.


I’m Danny, my areas of interest is etymology (obviously :smile: ) , astrology (tropical) and primarily meditation. Areas of magick I work with is not vast at this current time; just here to learn and offer the best of input for those who seek counsel.
Very neat template this forum has. I like it :wink:


Thank you, and welcome :slight_smile: