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I am new to this sight I just started learning about they Ancient Gods/Fallen Angels a few months ago I have never personally done a ritual or have I attempted to do a invocation or evocation.
I have had someone else do a bad luck reversal spell with clauneck and a money ritual with bune…The ritual with Clauneck was done about 3 weeks ago I can honestly say I have seen the manifestations and notice the difference in my luck and attitude. The Bune ritual was just done recently not even a week ago. The question I have would be is there a reason why for the past few weeks since the first work was done that I keep waking up at 3am? No nightmares no bad feelings just wake up at 3am everyday no dreams that I can remember either prior to waking up.
New to Magik
42 years old




Welcome @Bella_G to the forum.

Welcome to the forum. I too often wake around 3pm with no reason. Sometimes I simply roll over and back to sleep, other times it is hard to get back to sleep. You are certainly not alone in this phenomena


Thank you for your input.

There’re those who believe that some hours of the day are more receptive, more sensitive with the other side, know what I mean. Maybe after you did the work you just got a bit more sensitive and therefore more susceptible at waking in the “sensitive hour”. I’ve also heard of spirits that like this hour and if you keep waking on this time is because one of those spirits is trying to communicate with you.