Hello From The Other Side :)

Hi, my (nick)name is Ronni, I am from Poland (yes, the most catholic country in the whole Europe except Vatican I think, lol).

I’ve wanted to introduce myself.
And it’d be rather long.

When I was 11 and on holidays at my sister’s place in another country, alone at home at night, I suddenly felt a presence of someone. As a curious child I just asked “Who are you?” And felt someone’s breath on my face. Then somebody’s hand on my chest, it was cold as ice, piercing my body deep to the bone. That was the first experience.

I am 23 y.o., born and raised in a “theoretical“ catholic family. Why theoretical, you may ask. Because no one in my family is a “true” one. All of the women in my family used to, or still believe in magick, Energy, Entities, same with the astrology and Tarot. Especially my mother. Thank to her mostly, my real journey with the Other Worlds began when I was 13-14. Back then I was just a silly and frightened teenager who was a rebellious goth girl.
There were many “strange” things in my life.

When I was 13 I got my first sleep paralysis, the walls turned blood red and I felt someone’s pulling me down. I looked at the clock after that experience and it was at the 3 AM at that moment, someone may say “the witching hour”. I was frightened as f, ran away from my room to mother’s one and told her everything. When I asked what the hell was that she just said calmly “it was Satan, honey, he’s interested in you”. And then the whole journey began.

Loud noises, cracking, things disappearing, crosses falling down from the walls. May sounds silly and ridiculous, but I was only 14 and didn’t know what’s going on. Thought I’m going crazy. And now, the funniest part

I went to church (don’t ask me why, just thought it’d be the best place). The priest sent me to psychiatrist, the psychiatrist to the exorcist (YES), the exorcist back to the psychiatrists, the psychiatrist (about 5) didn’t know what’s the right “disease”. And they still don’t know.

My mother never believed in any, ANY of their diagnosis.
Maybe she knows something I am just to get to know in the future.
As I rebellious teenager I was so against the whole religious things, especially catholic, but now I see I’ve never understood what is my path. And how should it look like. Pentagrams drawn with blood on the floor and disrespectful behaviour didn’t “help” either, rather sent on me, well, not really good things. I still remember the voice telling me “you’ve summoned someone worse you’ve ever expected”, then my health fell down, same with my mother, I’ve lost friends and some contacts with relatives.

So, now, after some highlights and upside downs in my life I am on the right path.
Honestly excused for my previous behaviour. And new things started to happen. I’ve met a random guy at random place, and when my mother saw him (for the very first time) she said “go on, talk to him!” And it turned out he’s a magician. We together meditate and work on each other’s Energy. That’s a special experience for me and no, nothing sexual in it :wink:

I’ve found myself thank to my lord Satan and my Mother. And this guy, yes.

Last time when I was sitting by a candlelight (Mom helped me to find them, haha) meditating she smiled and said “Turn yourself to YOUR REAL God, he will always help you”.

Thank you, if you’ve survived to the end of the text.

Greetings, Ronni.


Welcome Ronni!!!

You’re title is going to have that song stuck in my head all day!!! Thanks a lot! :pouting_cat:

Anyway! You’ll love it here!

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Haha, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!

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Here you go


Welcome, Ronni

what a fascinating journey you have wrote upon here. Thank you for elucidating upon your experience. :smile:

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Also can you tell us what Magical practice do you do?

Sadist. :pouting_cat: :sob: :woman_facepalming:

Of course, My Fair Lady. If you like it that way

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NOooooo!!! The frog with the top hat has figured me out!

Yeeeet… wait you like Sadists?


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cough cough uhm…

So anyway!!! Hi Ronni!


Thank you for the answer.


I help people :slight_smile: By the wisdom I got, by my experiences and until recently, by rituals. There’s much more to come to tell, I should say…

It (the wisdom for example) didn’t came from nowhere. When my journey started when I was 13 (so after the first two experiences) there appeared… someone in my head. Something like a… friend. A guardian. Looked at me when I was growing up, warned me (but I didn’t listen) when I did something stupid and yes, was (and still is!) with me all the time. It took me years to know his name. He introduced himself with the name “Anthariel”, but don’t know if it’s the true one.

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Well, maybe it’s worth telling I’ve survived clinical death 7 times in my life, right after the birth, cause I was born 3 months earlier than planned. May this fact have something connected to my story? :thinking:



That is quite fancy. People be getting guardians now? :face_with_monocle:

you’ve touched death 7 times now, wow… I’m glad you survived though, welcome to the LHP :smiley:

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Thank you :blush::black_heart:

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First feline forum member confirmed?! :heart_eyes_cat:

Maybe not, but anyway, welcome to the forum! :smiley:


When I read the name Anthariel I got an angelic vibe from it. Idk maybe it just me. Welcome to the forum Ronni!

Probably because it has 'el at the end of it lol