Hello from the land downunder

I’m Eos and I’m an Aussie :slight_smile:

Still taking baby steps with magic, having dabbled in Hoodoo, Wicca, Astral Travel & Clairvoyance previously.

Keen to learn more, and develop my skills further :smiley:

Eos xo

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How long have you practiced?

Australia does not even exist :smiley:

Just kidding. Welcome. How nice to see once more how people from all around the globe join together :slight_smile:

I’ve had experiences with spirits through most of my 28 years of life, even Aura reading and seeing a death warning demon/spirit under the age of 10.
Realistically Ive dabbled with these things seriously on and off for maybe a year or two total, but the calling is there!

Welcome ! Where do you live? I’m from Melbourne :blush:

North Eastern Vic for me! I’ll be in Melbourne next month (pending restrictions haha!)

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hello welcome
Hows australia holding up during the covid?

It’s mostly a mess, but hopefully over soon enough. I’m lucky in my area there had been under 10 cases, so that’s a plus!