Hello from Strixx

Hi, I’m going by Strixx, I tried to invent a cooler name spelling but the other choices already belonged to a men’s makeup line and an audio system of some sort. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to bore people with my life history, but I’m a truth seeker. I’ve literally been thru the ringer with religion/spirituality from cult christianity to paganism, as I’m sure so many here have been there, done that. Recently I’ve been thru a few life experiences that have completely transformed me and put me through some things I’ve been afraid to face. It has also been revealed to me that several friends that I’ve loved for decades, were never my real friends at all. Its interesting, because I’ve felt a pull toward Lucifer thru all this time during these recent ordeals. I’ve just recently worked up the courage to work with him, started avidly doing research, and really start practicing LHP, though I’ve practiced all kinds of magick for over 20 years. I was recently told by Lucifer that these sudden changes were necessary to bring me to him, and from what I’ve read in the forum from others that this is not uncommon with Lucifer.

I’ve been watching EA Koetting now for about 2 years on Youtube. I’ve read/watched the testimonies regardless of others opinions because he intrigued me. BALG has given me much to think about, consider and has introduced me to different books and reputable authors on LHP practices. I’m just here to learn and enjoying my freedom. :slight_smile:



Welcome. What systems and methods do you have experience in?

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Thanks DarkestKnight, let me rephrase that - I kind of wrote the intro in a hurry. :slight_smile:
I meant to say that I’ve practiced ceremonial, alexandrian wicca, ecclectic paganism, ritual magick, and hoodoo.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

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Thank you :wink:

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Welcome :blush:

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Thanks :slight_smile: