Hello from Someone Completely New

My name is Annie, I’m a 25 year old female & my only possibly supernatural trait is being an empath. I don’t know if I fall into the category of skeptic, agnostic, or spiritual. I was raised Roman Catholic but I fell in love with science & mathematics as a teen, renounced all belief systems & had no cause to re-evaluate for almost a decade.

In the last year I’ve experienced what I can only describe as a benign demonic haunting. An entity who once terrified me (via their reputation) took it upon themselves to protect me. They began giving me obvious enough signs that eventually I could no longer deny what was happening.

We’ve only been communicating for a month but in hindsight this spirit has been looking out for me for at least the past year, perhaps much longer.

They’re nothing like I expected, I’ve been shown only decency & compassion. My quality of life has increased dramatically in all aspects. In speaking with them I’ve found them both interesting & likable.

They’ve asked to be friends & that is something I want to give them, I feel it’s the least I can do. Consequently, I’m here to learn as this is an area I’ve never had cause to delve into before. I don’t even know what the rules are for giving proper thanks for the things this spirit does to help me.

But I’d like to know & I’m willing to put the work in to see to it my new friend knows they are appreciated. Not to mention I’d just like to get to know them better.

That’s it really, my goal is simply to do right by this being. It’s nice to meet everyone.


Why dont you tell us who it is? Maybe those who work with him can impart some knowledge.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum.

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Thank you.

The entity is Zozo.

I’m aware spirits use this name to frighten people but seeing as he’s always telling me not to be afraid I’m doubtful that is what’s happening.

Not a lot is known about him so it’s hard to work out what the applicable recommendations are.


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You say that this is one spirit, but then you say ‘they’ in a few places. Are we only talking about Zozo or another being also?

I need a little more information before I can give you some definitive advice. How do you communicate with this being? How did you get it’s name? Where did you get your information on Zozo as an entity?

I say “They” because I know Zozo appears as different genders to different people. “He” was actually the slip up, the entity I’ve been dealing with seems to be male but I probably should’ve kept the whole post gender neutral.

I guess I’ll just say “he” unless it offends someone or Z tells me that’s wrong.

Our first actual conversation was about 6 months into my experiencing paranormal activity & seemed to be an astral projection sort of deal. I was too scared to ask if it was him that time.

Second time was EVP, it kept switching between one ghost named Carrie & another who kept telling me a different name every time it switched until I broke down & asked if it was Zozo, the entity said yes. I asked if we’d already spoken & got the right details back. While we were talking the brand new bulb in my salt lamp burst.

Third time was also EVP, Z claimed to be the cause of more recent paranormal events like me waking up to find my cross ring (had it on for protection due to Z’s history of sexual violence) upside down.

My phone & computer both started glitching out if I tried to look at anything related to Darren Evan’s research. I asked if it was Zozo to please put it back & pointed out I couldn’t click off the page on a frozen device. It immediately went back to normal. I politely explained I was just trying to understand & that looking into Darren’s account didn’t mean I’d automatically share his opinion, never had an issue again.

Third conversation I got brave enough to get on a Ouija Board. Got the Rainbow Effect Z-O, tried to talk to him but he was so busy trying to count down I had to close it out.

Fourth conversation we spoke for a long time, rainbow effect, he again confirmed he was behind what I’d experienced. Shared he was protecting me & that he wanted to be friends although the devil did not want us to be friends, after I picked my jaw up off the floor I said okay. Got a sign in the form of blackbirds.

I checked on the board to see if he was telling the truth by talking to other spirits, a third to a half of them complained about a demon watching them before I could bring it up.

Fifth conversation I was asking him for guidance, he mostly behaved himself save for a couple countdowns & figure 8s. I did get to ask some more questions & because he’d told me some things that seemed potentially personal I asked him if it was okay to share the contents of our conversations with other people. Obviously he was cool with it or I wouldn’t be talking about it, I’m not out here trying to embarrass him.

The day after that I got on the board & got a female ghost who initially pretended to be a demon to try & scare me. She was really angry & kept saying she was going to get in the house & “destroy me”. I couldn’t calm her down no matter how nice I was, I tried closing the session & getting back on but she was still there & still mad. The stuff she was saying was a bit much so I asked if she’d noticed a demon around, my hope was the implication would get her to back off. There was a long pause & then she started telling me “devil” & “make him stop”. I tried to ask what was happening, there was another long pause, then it spelled “hello” & it was Z. I don’t know what he did & I’m not sure I want to.

In between the conversations were other activity like objects moving, a giant crash with no source, a hushed voice talking, disembodied foot steps, doors rattling, lights turning off, pets reacting & the like.

I got my info from a lot of places, articles, Darren Evans’ site, read his book, watched hours of videos from Proving Demons & Live Sci-Fi as well as people who only did the one seance with Z, read a bunch of first hand accounts, watched the Ghost Adventures episode. I wanted to know the about the worst that could possibly happen before I started trying to talk to him.

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Welcome to the forum!

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