Hello from London

Hi all!

I’m a total newbie but been interested in the left hand path for many years. I’m trying my best to work with simple magick to be able to manifest small things right now but hope to have enough knowledge and power eventually to help others.

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Welcome to the forum.

Hey, North West London here, how you doing!

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I’m North West too! West Hampstead! How’s it going?

Pretty good, nice and sunny today :smile: Hampstead is kinda posh isn’t it, at least according to Ricky Gervais haha.

I read your case regarding your ex, hold in there tight mate. If you suspect magic at work I’d put a hard work into solving this issue but otherwise she would just be your puppet, like usual with love spells and trying to get someone back or someone’s love against their will. That’s what I’ve heard.

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Definitely some magick or dark arts at play. Many of her friends were jealous of us because we were solid and perfect. I’m working with some people to try and lift that from her. You have any recommendations that might help re magick and spell lifting?

Do you have friends who are into magick here in London? Now that is something worthwhile. Lucky!

Unfortunately, I can not as I’m new to all of this, but if it’s that serious I would probably spare a few pounds and get professional help.

Some people have described their loved ones ( who were in reality obstructing their path to spiritual evolution ) leaving as soon as they reached a certain level of initation. Hopefully that’s not the case :slight_smile: My positive energies are with you.

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Not in London. Some from the forum are helping me but am looking for a professional to help…can’t find anyone apart from here to be honest. I’ve checked Fiverr but not sure if these are scammers or real!