Hello for all car lovers

I would like to start a thread where we could talk about how to increase the overall preformance of cars.

I started get interested in this becous Karl Hans Wels mention in one of his videos that you can tune your engine with crystals.

So that it could increase the horsepower 50% from it’s original output.

I tried this on a Volvo v70 gen 2 year 2003 with orginal 200 hp.

I feelt a change in the balance and overall preformense but nut so mutch in hp.

I only used som crushe crystal. And wrap it with aluminium tape and allso a leyer with copper coil and radionic boost symbol.

And finaly monted it on my turbo pipe. Above the engine.

Karl mention that you should glue the krystals on the hood. So i might not get the best out off it get.

In best regards //Addi


This is the youtube video 5.13 he will mention this about how crystals will do just that.

Not sure about overall performance, but I read somewhere that tumbleweed is good for keeping a less reliable car going. It worked well for me when I had an old sedan, anyway.

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My husband is what I like to call a technomancer, he’s able to achieve unbelievable results with computers and vehicles. I would like to point out that if the car is old enough (and by that I mean still made of steel and metal as opposed to the plastics of newer models) you can use the crystaline structure of the metal itself in place of sticking objects say to the roof or the dash in the even of an accident. In a sense you could charge the vehicle’s frame with the energies of say protection or speed enhancement. I did this with my 92 Tercel and the lil bean was phenomenal to drive!


Keep some in the car.



I will take a look at it. Why not make my own magical herbs? Have you tried it your self?

Can you explain this in more detile so i understand.

The car i drive know is metall no plastic chines stuff on older Volvo cars. :slight_smile:

Did you mean use metall as the base instead of crystals? :thinking:

Ok i see. It is simmilar to what purple mention about herbs right?

I think black mustard seeds might be better if you’re trying to avoid citations, since it’s used to keep away enemies and cause confusion.

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I have a protection Solomon seal in my car with copper coil and radionic booster also. It is like a talisman first the topp part any seal you like and then put some aluminium tejp on the back of the seal a4 papper.

Then put a coil fasing down and vire upp penetrating the seal in a way you dont fuck it up.

And some more aluminium tejp and finaly a radionic bosster symbol in the back of it all with a layer of aluminium tejp. So 5 layers it will bee i belive.

I can say that i also put on all my spirits symbols there to its 8 of thoes with name and thoes hebrew rose cross symbols.

Took some time to make it and i have not seen cops at all more or less sens making it. I have it in what ever car i drive.

And the coil i mentioned is attached to a thin copper ring that is like a cirkle around the seal.

I will go and get it and upload so every one can see. :slight_smile:

In my little volkswagen i have a tiny vial hanging from my rear view mirror that has chips of clear quartz charged with protecting the car from accidents and theft. And hidden in a cubbie thing above the radio i have a cloth baggie i made that has herbs of protection and for just keeping the good vibes along for everyone riding with me :slight_smile:


In a sense you would imbue energy directly into the vehicle instead of an object you would place on your dashboard. Most objects can be enchanted/charged, the way you would go about doing so to a quartz.

So what we do is in essence, wrapping our energy around the vehicle from inside or without, and steadily infuse it into every piece of the machine.

My hubby sort of projects his consciousness around the vehicles as he drives, feeling the grip on the road, able to pick up on people around him, and most helpful of all, through this connection he can locate specific problem pieces before they start breaking.

As for horsepower increasing with crystals, I would suggest it might have a more notable change with a tesla. As most engines still operate with combustion there isn’t much for a magnetic field to play with aside from the potential spark size caused by Piso electric sparkplugs.

If you’re interested in other radionic devices rumored to improve things like fuel economy I would suggest an orgone generator, (resin, crystals and metal often found in pyramid shapes). I’ve only just started seriously looking at these devices an I’m curious of other reports of them being used in cars.


Good reading. :slight_smile:

As i mentioned about this method there is studies of the crystals effect on engines when they developed 4 stroke.

The crystals should work as they are and no need to fill or program them but i see the potential of doing so.

Yes the chi generators is interesting for shure.

I have tried the free chi cards and will order some of
Karl welz generators.

I belive the machine will be an awsome tool for a lot of my works and plessures.

My eng whriting is not that correct sooo.

That sound nice. :metal:

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