Hello Folks

Hello Folks, Im CJ, new to the forum. Looking to figure out some ways to win my EX back, I’ve been researching with love spells and Santeria for the last month. but nothing seems to manifesting. except maybe the love spells I did at home. die to bad verbiage I think they have defiantly worked on me and got my head spinning 24/7 about this girl.

Anyway I came across the name Anneal last week in my research and that led me to this forum. I want to learn more about evoking spirits and eventually maintain a long term relationship with them.

Any recommendations or step by step process you guys can link me to, as to how to go about this. As an amateur I have no idea what I am doing. But I am very interested.


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Welcome to the forum.

Please avail yourself of the search function, the magnifying glass in the upper right. This forum is full of information and instructions on how to evoke spirits.

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Actually in just stumbled upon this link, seems very helpful


That’s a good place to start.