Hello Folks :)

I am very interested in contacting Raziel the gatekeeper to learn heaven’s secrets and to work with his colleagues. From what I’ve already read on here I am filled with hope and joy to know it could really work,:slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me join this forum

Miles Patrick



Are you a beginner?

Yes, though I recently bought damon brands book on 72 Angels Magick I am starting down the exciting path to communcating with real Angels,:slight_smile:

Seems very helpfull


There are many here who work with the Gallery of Magick’s stuff, so they can probably answer any questions about it you may have. @shinri

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Thanks for your great reply, I would love to get all sorts of insider tips from other people on here who have done this and what I should expect,:slight_smile:

Hey Miles, welcome to the forum! I mostly practice the Gallery’s magick so feel free to PM me or tag me in a post if you have any questions. I’d try searching their blog posts or FAQs first though, they’ve probably already answered many of the questions you may have. There are several books-worth of material on their website, all for free.

The 72 angels book is a great one, and if you’re interested in calling on Raziel and other archangels, the book Archangels of Magick, also by Brand, is very very good as well. The Sigil Rituals in that book are actually much simpler than the method with the Shem angels in case you want to try something a bit easier to get you started. I still use the simple stuff myself, and it’s wonderful how effective it is.

Also, it sounds like you’re interested in understanding mystical secrets, not just purely practical work, but do not discount the more “material” or “mundane” magick. The greatest understanding comes from deep within the self, and one way of getting there is by uncovering and obtaining your true desires. Even the most base of magick can reveal profound truths about your self and about reality.

Embrace who you are, and with patience, you will find the answers you seek. Follow your intuition, trust in it, and you will be guided to a wondrous, magickal life.

Many blessings upon you friend :slight_smile:


For the time being i am just trying to contact Raziel directly, I have read some posts on this forum that suggest Raziel will be limited to communicating with me until I develop the right skills in my mind to see angels in physical manifestiation

I am really just after building an good relationship with Raziel, Lelahel and Poel

My long term goals are to work with spirits to get weathly enough to set up my own company one day in Canada,:slight_smile:

Hello @shinri! :slightly_smiling_face: I want to ask you something: in Henry Archer’s book are paired angels of the Shem and demons of the Goetia, but would it be ok if I on my own pair them differently than the book indicates?

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No, I would keep the angel/demon pairs as they are. I don’t know the most about this magick, but you can find these exact pairings in many different modern books on Goetia magick. Some authors use different sigils or Godnames/invocations, but the pairings are what they are.

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Raziel is important to work with. Wish you to best on your endeavours. He’s assisted me a lot. With my popular nature that guises as something else… double life kinda thing. He’s one of my guardian angels idk why he puts up with me …

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