Hello fellow Magicians

Hello Everyone, my name is Magnus. I’ve been into Dark Magick and Witchcraft since i was 10 years of age. Now i am 19. In this 9 year period i’ve learnt many magickal techniques from full dominance on my mind to some low level telekinesis. I live in a very small town and people here are ether christians or atheists. So making friends and overall looking for someone like me (dark magician) is impossible. I’ve red countless books on chaos magick, satanism, Gnosis, necronomicon and even tried evoking demons like Azazel, Belial and Lucifer. All of them were unsuccessful, i could feel like there was a presence but thats all. If only i had someone whom i could share my knowledge and have a parter who would walk with me on the left hand path. So can you recomend me a spell or evocation on a deomonic or angelic entity who can bring me the person that i desire?
Thank you.

Sounds like it was successful, you just need to work on your clairs/psychic senses to be more sensitive in sight, hearing, feeling, and so forth.

Yeah, like had been said, it did worked, but your astral senses are not quite developed yet. So you need to work on it, open your 3rd eye and you’ll be able to see, hear them.
There’s plenty of methods of summoning here in the forum. Just use the search bar and you’ll find a lot of topics about it, guiding in the evocation.
As for the spell I don’t know any like this, but here is the best place to make friends. You can share your progress and knowledge here in the forum, creating topics for example. I know how this path can be quite lonely what makes all harder, I’m sure the right person will appear, but meanwhile I’m aways available to make new friends and help in whatever way I can. And the forum is here for help you always, to make things easier and less lonely. :slight_smile:

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