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Hi all, I am new here. I am 33 year old virgo male from NC. I am so new in fact, that I beg your forgiveness if I use any incorrect terminology or say anything badly. I am a newbie. Yet, for the longest time, I have felt a pull, almost perhaps a calling to this area of knowledge. Even when I was a young child, my first library books were ones dealing with ghosts and spirits and such. Lately, my life has gone into a sort of a tailspin, and it has been accompanied by strange dreams. I will go ahead and say, there are two entities I wish to know more about. These two entities seem to be coming into my personal orbit lately quite a bit. Since this forum came up on a few google searches, I decided to join the party. The two are: The Morrigan, (i feel she has been calling to me for some time and I am not sure how to answer her) and King Paimon, whose name has come up in my life quite alot recently. Rather than ignore these beings, I decided to look for help from people wiser than I am. Thank you for reading. The latter is more of an interest than the former, Morrigan has been calling to me very strongly for some time, but King Paimon is someone I am interested in getting to know. Thanks again for your time.

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Welcome to the forum.

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thank you! I apologize if that was a bit much for an introduction post.

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Nope, it’s great… The more information you provide, the better the we can direct you towards resources regarding what you seek :slight_smile:

Most of the time we get one sentence for an itnroduction, and we have to pry information out with pliers :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I guess I’ll dive right in. I am fairly sure that it is Lady Morrigan who is responsible for my disturbing dreams. I admit, I called to her first. I guess I felt weak and uncertain and I wanted more strength and surety. As a gay man, I cannot think of any diety more fitting to attach myself to than an ancient warrior goddess. A friend of mine told me that she is very no nonsense and should be dealt with the utmost respect. I am here to find out more about her. And what she expects from me. I didn’t know much when I called on her. I knew I was tired of feeling powerless and alone and in my drunkenness I called her. Desperately. And she answered with bizarre dreams and beautiful music. I am also Irish by ancestry, so I think that may be one reason why she took an interest in me if I may be so bold. Thanks again for making me feel at home.

Welcome. You can use the magnifying glass for any searching.

Welcome to the forum; may you find what you seek.

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