Hello Everyone

Broken heart and desires to fix the relationship get me to some books and youtube video, and that introduced me LOA, LOA introduced me to manifesting, visualization. And all that get me to magick, and ended up this place. :slight_smile: Although I don’t have any experience with spells, ritual and magick. But desire to learn, desires get back what I have pushed away from me bring me this far. And reading all of your post helps me to learn a new things. I hope you all will help me. Because I do need a help.
I love to learn, I always been self learner. But I appreciate those who criticize me. Because they share their tru opinion and helps me to correct what I am doing wrong.
So hello everyone.

Welcome to the BALG forum!

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

Thank you, I like your name.
Strange question. I am not a Christian/Catholic/Jewish etc I see some of these numbers a lot but

What if you see 111, 222, 333,444,555, 11:11 all in one day and constantly see 4 again and again what does it mean?