Hello everyone!

I’m proud to be a new member here. I’ve been lurking here for three years.
I’m been trying to master spell casting for the whole time. I have cast a few
successful spells. One just months ago when I broke up my ex and her new boyfriend.
I know it was my energy that made it happened. Her sister-in-law called me they same
day. I haven’t talked to her in over a year. it was no coincidence. I messed up and told my neighbor what I’d done. They got back together. I learned that if you tell others about your work, it breaks the spell. I once invoked something, by accident, in 2017 that held me down on my bed and rubbed my arms simultaneously as I was paralyzed. That being said, I am a believer and would like to learn the correct way to practice the left path. Great to be onboard!


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Welcome! That makes an interesting debate topic, you should start one :slight_smile:

I don’t think that this would be the case in all cases. If a person ever feels the need to brag about their work, there is often some underlying guilt. Who you tell is equally important as what you say.

I would love to hear some opinions from others on this, so I look forward to you new thread :slight_smile:

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Welcome @redshadlizard :blush:

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welcome to the forum, glad to have you here. :wave::relaxed:


Welcome to the forum!

“I learned that if you tell others about your work, it breaks the spell.”

This is true only to the extent that you might feel guilt or the level of involvement of the party you tell in the situation. If, for example, you told a complete stranger on the opposite side of the globe who had no stake in the situation, it wouldn’t affect the spell, but if you confessed to a priest and admittedly repented, you would undo it, even if the priest had no stake. Because you are so integral to the spell, you are the most likely point of it failing.

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Welcome to the forum.

Thanks everyone.