Hello everyone

I am Dr Who.

I am from India.

I am working in general medicine dept as a doctor.I am unmarried.I look after my parents and I practice brahmacharya.I follow Sri ramakrishna’s teachings as well as tibetan buddhism teachings.I go to visit certain ancient temples and shrines for worshipping shakti.

As u can I have very few friends and I shun society as they will think I am mentally ill.

I am a Hindu.

My aim in life was to attain Nirvana in this life.However I felt reality was more complex than traditional concepts so a study of other cultures viewpoints are also important.

I come here to learn from you about the various magical facts and opinions about everything…master if anything is required

And finally to make magical friends.

In my country there is still lots of superstition regarding the magick.Thats what I dislike about my country,Other than that my country’s magical literature is pure gold.Definitely I respect my tradition and culture.

And I love DR WHO from school days.Big fan of sci fi.Thats my id.



Welcome, which Deva or Devi do you feel particularly close to?

I have a special admiration for Buddha and buddhism,which I believe is a more refined form of HInduism.Not because he propagated happy go lucky, pacifist ,calming,life is negative stuff but I believe he is perhaps one of the most mysterious and powerful figures that came to this planet.Buddhism is nothing pacifist, escapist stuff they market.Its one of the most powerful and dangerous magical schools on this planet specially Tibet in the guise of happy go lucky people.

Infact I have seen Dalai Lama performing kalachakra ceremonies for the destruction of buddhisms enemies aka muslims every year in Bodhgaya.Possessions are done on priests and evocation of kalki kings of Shamballa are performed every year to incarnate and destroy the enemies of buddhism.

Now thats not pacifist.


interesting, but the same is done in the various sects in Hinduism isnt it? Aghora Mahakala Bhairava (who has helped me a lot) can be invoked for protection but there are many tantriks who abuse of their siddhis given to hurt i believe, but i might be wrong

Actually the structure of the greater reality is different in buddhism and hinduism

In hinduism the trimurti reigns supreme and the devas and asuras fight among themselves getting power from the trimurtis if the perfrom penance.The trimurti are regarded as benevolent and good in nature.

In tibetan buddhism,devas and asuras are two groups and the trimurtis are part of devas and are not special.They conquer worlds and battle each other for eternity.You have to choose one side.And the buddhas dont interfere with any of the sides.

there are hindu cults like shaivas ,shaktas and vaishnavas who have also turned anti social despite propagating pacifist views.u r right.however when I came to know about that much later as I was focused on nirvana and buddhism for a long time so u right too.

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No wonder the “atheist” chinese govt has been hunting this “hallucinating” man for ages.

Vedic teachings predate Buddhism imo

vedic teachings are definitely great and important but buddhism is more researched form of hinduism imo

Bhagavad gita is another text I admire and follow.

Buddha and krishna are both considered avatars of Lord Vishnu the god who maintains the universe.So u could also call me a viashnav.


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I love that picture, and yes, the Gita is amazing, you should read Paramahansa Yogananda

I have read his books practiced kriya yoga for some times.It is a powerful practice.

The picture brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it.Hare Krishna!

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Welcome @DoctorWho :blush:

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One should not state a fact that can be disputed or disproved and then state that it is their opinion. Facts are NOT opinion.

??? whut??? what is fact in the world of magick and spirituality but your own conclusions based on studies and personal experience?

When one is talking about one thing predating another, it is not something that is up for debate or based on opinion. That would be like saying: imo, Egyptian Sorcery predates Italian Strega. There is no opinion in such things. And while it is true that Budhism has an approximately 10,000 year history, Hinduism predates even that. Dates are a matter of fact, not opinion.
Edit: I apologize if I come across as rude or any such, but such things are a pet peeve of mine. If once allows oneself to confuse fact with opinion, the world becomes very clouded indeed.


Welcome @DoctorWho !

I agree, some things are facts, I just say imo because I dont want to start debates or seem to know things, I always doubt all my studies, best way to keep learning, however I am a big fan of Ancient mythologies but have not studied Egyptian much, mostly Vedic, Sumerian and Abrahamic, and I do agree, the Sanatan Dahrma, residing in the Vedas is the Eternal practice which remains the same throughout the Yugas, passed on from Higher Consciousness through the Maharishis, influencing those that cane after in many ways, Siddharta, Jesus and so on

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By the way, where are my manners? It seems I have forgotten them. Forgive me. Welcome to the forum @DoctorWho