Hello everyone

Just wanted to say hello to you all and introduce myself, put this off for too long and I am somewhat forgetful. I’ve been reading posts in the forums and have found a good amount of advice and direction already.
My main interest as of now is basic magick theory and practices. Candle spells, sigil magick, visualization techniques and so on. I am very fascinated and some might say obsessed with demons, I love reading about their powers and origins. I have become very very fond of Michael Fords work, reading his Bible of the Adversary has been phenomenally enlightening for me.
I also purchased and loved the becoming a living god e-book by E.A. Koetting.
I do however find myself overwhelmed by the volume of books available, it’s not easy to sort out the good from the bad as it were. I have a kindle subscription service that gives me decent access to grimoires and books. Id love to own more in hardcopy.
Is there what you would call a gold standard demon dictionary type of book?

Thanks in advance,

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Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick or are you just starting?

Nothing too much outside of things like said candle/sigil magick, performing the LBRP. I recently obtained a tarrot deck, but have only done 1 reading as yet. Years ago someone pushed me too hard and I used a ritual from Anton LaVey’s work to remove them from my life, such a fond memory. I can’t even begin to describe what I felt when 3 days later I was informed said person would be let go from the company. My only other workings recently have been done using instructions from S. Connolly’s book “Demonic Pacts”, and was successful.
My somewhat concerns if you will are finding information about a certain demon, and maybe something was lost in translation, and I may be trying to work with the wrong one. Or using the wrong name, pronouncing it poorly. I was reading something the other night and it made a point, I never even considered older works may not have been accurately translated.
I’m not always good at explaining myself sorry.

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