Hello everyone

Hello everyone ,

Just found about this forum while searching for something related online and joined because I’d love to discuss topics pertaining to the occult and magick. I’ve been on this 8 or 9 years now following some interesting dreams I’ve had. Speaking of dreams a lot of my experiences and knowledge come from them. However, that being said I’ve not practiced much magick because I’ve been shown I was not in control of my powers and when angered I used to spark quite quickly so to speak. However, I think I’m finally ready to start practicing as I’ve become a lot more calculated and calm now.

I believe for the past years I’ve been working with Lucifer and he is the one who has showed me so many things and led me to the path I am currently on. Which has been a huge blessing as I was on a very bad path and he’s been with me through it all.

The closest I’ve come to harming anyone so to say is when this woman that was magically inclined would keep trying to cast spells on me and my family, trying to enter our house, break trust and inflict pain. I’ve had quite a few dreams about her and the mood around the house was dark with quite a heavy presence around it. One night I woke up for apparent no reason, but I was compelled to check on another family member and when I entered her room she was choking while dreaming someone had their hands around her neck. Which infuriated me beyond belief because I knew who was causing all of this. I have experience with lucid dreaming and in this particular dream, which happened in close proximity to the incident above, this person kept trying to astrally open the barrier I’ve put around our house during a meditation. I warned her that if she ever attempts anything like this she’ll regret it. I’m happy to say nothing has happened to me or any other family member ever since and the dark feeling has lifted.

At first I actually looked up to the woman above because she has access to a lot of information that I was interested in reading. And because she was the first person I could talk to about anything like this. The rest of my family is christian of varying levels of indoctrination and I’ve learned not to bother speaking with them about anything that goes against their so called god. I actually have a very detailed dream I’ve told to some religious people about their god and they thought I was possessed/crazy because I was going against their beliefs.

Haha so to close this way too long introduction post. What I am looking for from magick is spiritual advancement as I am not interested in material things outside of necessities and my plants/pets.

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome to the forum.