Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!

I am here out of curiosity, I do not practice any magic but I like reading about it, especially people’s experiences, so I am afraid there is nothing interesting to tell about myself.

I have found this forum and decided to sign up because I am interested in a topic lately and had some questions whose answer I cannot find, so I thought I’d be the one asking and hopefully my being “too newbie” won’t be too annoying!

Many years ago I had stumbled upon an article that described a ritual on how to summon a succubus, it was a quite interesting read even if I have never tried it out myself.
Lately (yesterday and today) that article “popped up” in my mind again, I wondered if it still exists so out of boredom I have decided to look for it and, together with it, I have found this forum as well.

I have read many interesting threads in here and both because I wanted to actually join in some of those conversations and because I have my own questions, I have decided to sign up!

So, once again, Nice to meet you all and thank you for reading this far! :grinning:


Welcoms, just keep an open mind.

We welcome all, from skeptics to hardcore practitioners of black magick.

Hello! Welcome! Enjoy this forum.
–As within, so without.


They led you here and welcome

“hello darkness my old friend…”