Hello everyone

Im Alex, 21 yo, a uni student. Been introduced to this forum from a friend of mine, and it has lots of great info so i decided to sign up. I consider my self a beginner as a practitioner, and at this point an arm chair practitioner cause all my knowledge is purely theoretical. Mainly into traditional witchcraft tho and greek polytheism. Just trying to learn new stuff and expand my knowledge.


Welcome Alex!

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Hi Alex, welcome to the forum :wave:t4:

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Hi it’s good to meet you.:grin:

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I am Traci Moon Divine Path Psychic. I am on the Satanic Luciferian LHP.
I read Tarot cards, do hypnotherapy and past life regressions, Cord Cutting Rituals, and practice magick daily.

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Good to meet you Alex.

I highly suggest Athena. I picked up philosophy as a hobby, and wound up finding Athena as a real living entity. She has shown me truth, power, and loyalty. She exists in many forms with many names.
I proudly call her my Goddess of Wisdom.

Also, good call being yourself at such a young age. Too many of us are used to hiding. It can be necessary for some, but occultists have made real progress in modern society. This has always been the path of truth. Dishonest authority figures hate our guts.