Hello everyone

Nice to meet you.
I’m new here and from west Europe.

I was brought up as Catholic and gave my time to God ,Jesus, saints. Although I believe there is still something there I have lost hope in being a

my first deity to call me was Kali, I didn’t know why at first because I didn’t know much about her during my life, I spent some weeks with her and she sent me to Lucifer, then I met with Belial and Azazel. I’ve had experiences with all these mentioned. I meditated and gave offerings. I promised I would join this forum if they helped me with some things . So I’m here.

I’m interested in spirit meditation, alchemy and astrology. Wisdom and to meet positive people.
Thank you for reading.


Hey there welcome to the forum​:blush::grinning:

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Alchemy is interesting. It is almost like manifestation in a lot of ways, with intent, but the effects begin instantly.

I should probably think of manifestation that way.

Welcome to the forum!

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What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have experience in any specific traditions or systems of magick?

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Thank you all.

As of early this year I have drifted away from being a Catholic. I was way down in life until I met the spirits I mentioned.
So I have no great experience or history within magic.

I am now focusing on productive energy magic.
I am meditating using candle magic and comunicating with sigils and spirits.
I have had success and experiences since .
I have also used abramelin magic to success.
And soon I want to look into planet magic .

I am also here to learn from other positive people hopefully.

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