Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. and I am keen to learn a lot from all your wisdom, about all concerning to magick! Thanks!


Hi Hessen and welcome! I joined about a week ago and am currently enjoying this forum very much. I hope you learn, grow and enjoy yourself on your journey. :handshake:

Welcome :innocent:


Hello @Hessen, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Your introduction does not satisfy the forum rules, so I am going to ask the questions to satisfy it if you do not mind.

Around how old are you? (We ask this because we do have minors here and curve our advice accordingly. It can be general, such as “I am in my 20s” if you are more comfortable with that)

How long have you been practicing magic? What kinds have you tried? How were your experiences?

Is there anything in particular you are looking to learn in specific or is it just in general now?

Is there anything you are having trouble with?

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Hello C.Wilson. I am around 30, always interested in magick, but not a lot of practicing. Only small rituals, spells, not exactly Hodoo but similar…

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Would “folk magic” be a better word to describe it? Folk magic usually refers to a series of spells that hold cultural elements that are expressed through family traditions. Hoodoo fits within that category.

I ask only to better understand on my end so if you are unsure that is perfectly fine.

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