Hello everyone, this is my introduction

Hi my name is दे (De). Im from the united states but was born in the caribean (west indies). I am a practicing hindu, who has close personal relationships with several deities, of which im grateful. Alot of you may be familiar with as you may work with them also. My beliefs are in Sanātana Dharma and Advaita Vedānta, and several different philosophies within teachings from hindu culture. I also am familiar with more eastern budhhist and tao teachings.Being from The caribean i have been exposed to other belief systems like santeria, palo mayobe, voodun, spiritism and have friends that are practicioners of the sort. I enjoy studying alot of the world spiritual beliefs/ religions and occult aspects of them like shamanism, sufism,islam, kabblah and jewish magick, satanism, Luciferians, egyptian teachings and magick, celtic druids, saint worship, hoodoo, alchemy, science and apply those universal things to my path of godhood. Ive encountered and interact/ work with entities outside my usual practice actually often from both side light and dark. But i would consider myself on the light side, healing doing spiritual work for others service to humanity type stuff. I have learned and was taught under two legit gurus one from india and one from guyana but not traditional systems let say they were specialized in thier field. I have been lurking on this forum for a while as i find this forum very interesting and have seen diffrent discussions on hindu dieties and other hindu practitioners who share thier perspectives and knowledge, as i hope to meet them and exchange knowlege and experiences as i do with other people on here also who practice other things and learn from each other. I decided to finally join in as this new chapter in my life and have gone thru recently a death in the family and terrible family drama which is propelling me to dive deeper within for transformation and embracing my new godlikeself.i also am setting some new goals to deepen my ritual practice, devotion and energy work. I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting some insight and overall goal is to break the rebirth cycles acsend to godhood/source and reclaim the divine within myself moksha (liberation). Any one work with hindu deities i would love to have a discussion about your experiences or if anyone can point them in my direction would be appreciated. I will be posting some topics in thier respective categories soon that i need insight/ perspective and help with in regard to a current situation that im going through, or should i post it here as part of my intro?


Welcome @shaman369

How long have you practiced your tradition?

Do you have any practical experience in Western systems or traditions?

Hello, ive been practicing since a teenager so i would say about 15 years but off and on in the beginning. I do have experience in a few western traditions and like to mix it up a bit sometomes with native american shamanism, santeria, palo, spiritism, hoodoo, elemental stuff if i see the need or fit for it.Not anything to do with demon work necromancy or baneful or anything to that sort but i have since perusing on this site been approached by several entities and i even think i been approached by lucifer and a few others, and they were actually wanting to help, but im careful and declined becuase of my relationship with my dieities my devotion is to them. I like to view it all as energywork anyway.


Welcome to the forum.

Thanks norse glad to be here

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Hello & welcome,

How were you approached by entities?

Many thanks

Well i hear and see them usually something triggers the interaction sometimes a sign, coincidence or synchronicity during a situation or interaction. Example Paimon spoke to me when i first started to lurk this website was telling me about how he visits and vets people here and also offered help with a situation im currently dealing with but i respectfully declined much respect and appreciation to him and also Lucifer and form of satan started to come back around again since learning some truths about him. He basically was being helpful in some studies i was pursuing and also brought me a woman for my carnal pleasure but it went over my head and i missed the shot lol but it think my dieties may have had a hand in that lol respect a appreciation to him for that. i joined here also to get a feel of the lhp aka darkside of things since realizing that i must embrace both sides of the spectrum in order to ascend and claim my divinity and god powers, cant be all good monk all the time as we are imperfect perfect being if that makes sense.