Hello everyone, please let me introduce myself

Hi everyone, I’m Rex from Indonesia, a country in south east Asia.

Here in Indonesia, many kinds of magic still practiced by many peoples. Be it by politicians, artists, fortune tellers, traditional healers, people desperate finding solution for finance by selling the soul of loved ones, and so many more.

I came from a family of traditional healers, my late grandfather used to help people mainly related to illness because of witchcraft (santet). I remember a time when my grandfather help someone in very scary condition - there are several medium sized nails on his belly. Scary, but true. We call it santet in Indonesia. Widely believed here that if we want to eliminate someone without trace, be it work competition related, or because of someone hurt us, we can send santet by the help of witchcraft practioner.

I think that’s enough for the introduction about me. Now
My personal struggles, Honestly, I’m near desperate, my life has gone downward spiral since last year. Divorce, financial problems :expressionless: Many times I consider suicide, the last time I auto crashed myself, but here I am, still very much alive with broken bones, internal injuries, and scars.

Well I think that’s it. I don’t know how long till I succumb to madness or till my next suicide attempt. I’m just need to have something to busy my thought.

Thank you.


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Welcome, do you practice any kinds of magick personally ?


Ayyyye, you’re back. @Littleshart

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Hi Littleshart, I’ve been practicing magick lately, mainly about evoking djinn, some kind of spiritual entity. Last time I did it about a month ago before the crash.

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Be well soon my friend.I would say only study for now and dont complicate things in your situation. Best of luck to you.

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Welcome to the forum @Prometheus77

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Thank you for your kind response Littleshart, all the best for you too. :blush:

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Hi Happiechappie, thank you. I’m having a great time here in this forum.

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You sound pretty fucked up, but that’s OK; some of the very best Magicians started that way! Seriously! And welcome.


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Hi Al, yes I’m definitely f* up :grin:

Welcome to the forum!
Sorry for being really late lol but I’m so glad to find another indonesian here ^^
My condolences for your struggles… I hope you are in a much better situation now. Your story really interest me though. Santet is indeed a very famous form of black magick in our country lol
That one case of medium sized nails inside someone’s belly though. Wasn’t there a case like that years ago that went viral and the victim was a woman??? If I remember correctly, a lot of ustads (islamic white practitioners) were gathered just to help her recover… It was very scary but also intrigued me because such phenomenon must be a proof of how advanced black magick can be. It’s also nice to hear that you practice evocation of djinns. What do you think of Khodams?