Hello,Everyone! My name is Lexiann

Everyone! I go by Lexiann… I am new here! I would like to say I started getting into magick when I was younger like about at the age of 8-10? But I ended up stopping after High School… From time to time I have dabbled with it here and there through the years. but, lately more so the last year… like a spark just ignited in me and I had the urge to refresh all I use to know and learn more.
Also, it runs in the family on both sides… with having the 3rd eye and healing abilities and much more… My goals are to be more in tuned with my abilities, learn more, perfect the things I already know and be more confident on what I cast and do about with spiritually. Would love to learn from others and help others as well.
Feel free to message me I don’t mind


Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you might find useful and it as several links to other threads with more info that might be of use.

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Welcome to the forum. I’ve only been here a little while but have found there is a wealth of information on a large variety of topics on this forum. You will find it most useful.


Hi, welcome! Take a look around & enjoy!


It’s still hard for me to get this form are we able to add ppl

I don’t think so, I’m still fairly new, myself. Maybe someone who’s been here longer knows for sure?

Oh ok it’s not like Facebook then

Welcome :waxing_gibbous_moon:

No, it’s not like Facebook.