Hello everyone, I'm Raven Trivia 🖤

Hello everyone! I wanted to join this forum for a long time, but I don’t know why I didn’t decide. I have been involved in witchcraft since I was very young, although I had a very long break in terms of practice for various reasons (long story) . I come back 2 years ago, because is inside me.

I consider myself a fairly eclectic traditional witch, with a keen interest in Hedgewitchcraft and Hodoo.
The year 2019 was horrible, and this 2020 is not being very encouraging … So he had a pretty brutal crisis of faith and I guess that’s partly why I’m here. I come here as an apprentice, to renew myself and be 100% again I think being in this forum can make me want to continue.

P. D I work with Hecate, Lucifer, Baphomet, Kali and Santa Muerte.

P. D I comunnicate with death people, and I practice divination (crystal ball, tarot, oracle, meditation, dreams…)

P. D Forgive my English, it is not my language.

Greetings to all, a pleasure to be here!


Raven Trivia


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many interesting things.

Those are very beautiful deities! Welcome to the forum!

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This looks like romance language patterns. Are you from somewhere in Latin America?

Thank you all for your welcome :black_heart:
I’m Spanish :smile:


Gotcha, la madre patria.

I’m also a native Spanish speaker.

Have fun in the forum.

Muchas gracias, de nuevo un placer estar aquí :slight_smile:

De nada.

Just a heads up: we’re not supposed to speak any language but English in the public forum. Is just to not allienate the rest of the users.

Welcome to the forum!

Of course, I will try to speak as best I can in English.

P. D excuse me, but I have the forum translated into Spanish and I have inadvertently written like this XD Let’s see if I find out how the forum is going too, a long time without entering one!

Don’t worry, people is usually very patient with us around here, in both, occult and not-occult related matters.

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Thank u :black_heart: Hecate, lucifer and Kali are my spiritual “parents” , and Santa Muerte y Baphomet my spirits guides.

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Welcome to the forum :blush:

Nice intro, Raven_Trivia.

So have I. Sometimes it’s needed for us to grow in ways that help us when we come back!

You have a lot of people here that work with one or more of them, too. Lots of info.

Your English is 1000x better than my Spanish :slight_smile: