Hello Everyone, I'm a new member on here

Hello every one,

My names Julie 31 , from UK.

I’m always have been interested in Occult practices, and casted a few spells when i was young, although still not very experienced and looking to develop my abilities more and gain more knowledge. I’ve been approached by Angel’s, spirits and demons in the past when I was quite young. I never summoned them they came to me.

My experiences with these beings made me afraid and I closed off this side of me for a very long time. It’s only recently that felt like I needed to open myself up again. And want to gain more knowledge, and hopefully develop the abilities that I surpressed. I feel abit lost if my honest in my every normal life and it’s made me realise theres a important part of myself I need to explore still. I’m here to learn from other members and hopefully can get some support. Obviously will do my best to help others on here too! :slight_smile:



What part of the UK are you from? I’m from Merseyside

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Hello Becca

I’m based in Hampshire nice to meet you!

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