Hello everyone, I am a new member

I accidentally found this forum as I was looking for sigils for back pain, and the girl who posted led me here.I read some of your posts which I enjoyed and wanted to join you guys to learn more. I have psychic experiences and different beings contact me to give me prophecy, advice, or encouragement , but only during dream time but they never identify themselves which kinda pisses me off since I don’t know who’s talking to me. I think they can’t get through to me during waking time because I am not able to relax, some of them normal looking and some scary. I have practiced witchcraft in the past but always under a friends direction. I have been studying and practicing the esoteric path of the worlds religions and I like pantheism and nature based religions/paths alot, I have been initiated into cuban/African rituals with their large pantheon of gods/goddesses, I also like egyptian gods since I was Egyptian in a past life. Sometimes I dream of a past life and you can tell its genuine because it looks like a tv screen with subtitles… I used to do oracle rituals for myself but have forgotten how since my attention deficit makes me forget stuff. I’m kind of getting away from gods and goddesses because I want to rely on myself.

Hi Catlover, have you made a formal introduction yet to the forum?
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Welcome @Catlover1

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

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I have practiced witchcraft sporadically over the past 10 years but am now into sigils, and the sigils have helped me with weather control and health but not too much with other problems . I live in new york city but am feeling the urge to move somewhere else. However my turtle has a specialist here and so does my kid. And I don’t have money to leave right now anyway


Mmmm i forgot to mention i took a shamanism course over a period of two years the shaman would come by every 6 mos to teach. I had a Peruvian native American Mesa, which is a blanket on the floor with the four directions dedicated to the four elements and leaving offerings for them. During my last class, he told us it would be windy that nite and to just crack the window a little so that huiracocha the wind god could come in to give us a message, my message was to go to Florida and visit my daughter, and she took me to her doctor which saved my life. A couple of years later we went to scotland on vacation and to our benefit a couple of sylphs or maybe fae followed us home, to Florida and then to New York which my daughter later channeled for me.

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Hello Catlover1 :wave:

Hello and welcome to the forum. :relaxed::pray:

Hello Fuego, Rondmc222, and SanaRo and thank you.

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