Hello everyone, Can Magick Help Me?

Hello everyone, my name is Nikolāvs (Nicolas / Nicholas) but you may call me Nick. I am 17 years old and I live in the small European country of Latvia.

I do not consider myself new to magick. I have lurked on this forum for a couple weeks now, read a couple of books on magick, and dabbled in some energy work/sigil magick.

There are many things in my life which I hope to change, hopefully with magick. I just don’t know where to start on them.

One, I have the disease called Cerebral Palsy. It is an incurable disease which affects muscle development. Because it is incurable with medicine, I wish I could cure it with magick, but I don’t know where to begin or if it is even possible. Invoke Arch Angle Rapheal? President Marbas? Shapeshifting/Alcemy? Reiki? I am willing to learn, and I don’t care if it takes months or years, because all I really want is to cure myself of this horrible disease and be able to live a normal. I’m missing out on everything around me because I am wheelchair bound and can’t walk, stand, or use my legs at all. I am a burden on my family because they pay half their salary on nurses for me because I can’t do much on my own. I just want to live like everyone else.

I’m also deaf (common side effect of cerebral palsey) very short (148cm / 4’10’’), and have some form of mild autism. So I also want to find some spell that can cure deafness, mentel illness, and gain some height.

So yeah, I am just a sick kid who wishes being normal.

Also, I am greatly fascinated by music related occult stories. Such as the story of Robert Johnson who met a demon at a cross road to get guitar skills. Or Niccolo Paganinni, who sold his soul to Satan for the greatest violin talents. I would like to try this someday, just to see if it works (I want to have instant skills too)

So yeah, that is all :smile: Sorry for English, I never learned it properly ( I never went to school ).

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Welcome to the forum.

I would say this indeed makes you new to magick because you are just beginning the journey.

However, the first thing you should know is that magick is not a cure all. Miracles are very hard to come by and you will set yourself up for crushing defeat if you go into healing magick with huge expectations like being able to live a normal life. A condition such as cerebral palsy has many varied components to it and there is no instant fix. Real magick is not like you see in the movies.

I’m sorry to say, there is no spell that can do that.