Hello everyone~ all my brother and sister from the dark side of magick

you can call me Octo, im from Indonesia
i’ve been interested in magick since a few month ago
and i did a lot research on black magick espicially on curse magick

but i cant practice it because i didn’t have any enemy or somebody that i hate
and i cant do any healing tecniques to cure my target/victim

can i still practicing it ? or i need to give up ?


do i need to be evil to curse someone ?

Welcome to the forum.

No, you don’t need to be “evil” to curse someone. That is a relative term.

Black magick is far more than just cursing though. Baneful Magick is only a very small part.

but i’m interested in it, and want to do some experiment

can i use animals as a subject ? or do i need to hate someone to test it ?

Dude, you cannot “test” baneful magick. It doesn’t work that way.


okay, maybe i’ll wait for an enemy or obstacles to come, and magically kill it. altough magical murder is banned on my country.
but they can’t arrest me if they can’t prove it

Do you have any actual experience with magick?

Just as you cannot summon a demon “just to see if it will show up,” you can’t throw a curse just to see what happens. I can tell you what will happen in one word: NOTHING.

If you want to be successful in any sort of magick, I suggest you change your mindset. You need a purpose, and an intention.


Do i have any actual experience with magick ?
yes, im possesed many times by many spirit. and i’ve practiced mediumship

i just want to learn curse/baneful magick to protect someone that i love. and give the information to other people who needed it (to teach it i have to prove it)

@Micah as the forum’s resident “baneful magick for shits and giggles” expert, wanna tell the OP how to select a target for practice?

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Hate can be the biggest Blockage for the Black Mage dealing with death Magic.

You must not be required to hate someone to sacrifice them to the Darkness or Dark Gods.

You are required to choose someone and muster your Hate as a weapon against them.
You control the Hate.
Not the other way around.

You dont gotta go through a selection process initially.

Use your Intuition.
People you meet every day can be perfect.

The next door neighbor…
The cashier at the store…
The guy that cut you off on the freeway…

As you go further you’ll select better targets based on criteria such as Power, Spiritual Path, Resonance, etc.

Follow your Intuition for now and simply PICK SOMEONE


Guys, I’ve just got an idea! :100:

ahaha, thank you brother… :smile: maybe taking revenge is a good idea

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