Hello everybody

Hi everyone my name is demonsoul666 and im a beginner too magical paths. I’ve always been interested in magic anthe occult since i was very young. I read books at the library when i entered elementary school and enjoyed reading books about mythical creatures, urban legends,myths,ufos ect i got back into magick a couple years ago when i stumbled upon this site and would love to learn magic and all the paths i know that it may or may not be possible and grow with this information on here and im from crawford county ohio in the city of bucyrus
Anyways thank you moderators and all you people on balg for making this site awesome even the forum thank you

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Hi there @Demonsoul666, welcome to the forum. Since you don’t have much experience in magick, I suggest you use the search function to search the various topics pertaining to magick. There’s a wealth of information available here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions, feel free to start your own thread to ask.