Hello, does anyone have experience of doing the Master Curse from the Magickal Attack?

Hello everyone. I was here a while back and couldn’t log in back so created a new account!

I needed a ritual to punish a person with death for all the misdeeds, crime & ill treatment me, my family & a lot others have gone & still continue to by that person. I was suggested Master Curse from Gordon Winterfield’s Magickal Attack here. I did it last month & after some 20 days repeating it again as I didn’t see any major changes. Would like to know some experiences & the approx timespan it takes see the results!


It sounds to me like you are simply being impatient and lusting for results. I have seen the Master Curse work wonders from the first day it was performed, and the effects continued to unfold many weeks after it was completed.

Release your need to see immediate, obvious change, and stop constantly checking on the magick and wondering if it worked. Give it space and it will do what you asked.


Yes probably you are right. The fact is that I am a newbie & have never done any magic ritual!

Also, I started doing it from the first Saturday of July. After almost a month I am again doing the ritual. A few days earlier one of his old relative died. But I am only doing it only & only for that evil person & no one else but haven’t noticed any change in him even after four weeks! What can be the approximate time the ritual will give the desired results? 8 weeks? 12 weeks???

I try to release my need for an immediate result but that person does something even worse and then I wonder if the Master Curse is working…

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Shinri is right. I was told when you do this sort of magick works you have to just concentrate on the task at hand during said work. Once you are done with it, unless you work this ritual again, you have to try to forget about it, like it never happened.
This is because your thoughts in the matter and your search for results might interfere with the flow of the energy. So just let it flow, and try to keep on with your daily life.
Now as for the time for it to take effect, do not be impatient. The speed of the effect depends on many factors, one of them is how strong the magician’s own energy is, for example. The effect could take days, months even years.
Again, just let the energy do its thing, and try to not interrupt it, results should come eventually if the curse was done correctly


What was the name of the account?

Priya was my username.

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Thanks. I can’t see any reason why you can;t log in, there are no restrictions or anything like that on your account, this was your intro before:

Carry on with this one and let me know if you can successfully log-in later to that, but I cannot see any reason you would have a problem, sorry. :slight_smile:


I have been writing “[The person’s name] is dead” on a paper and burning it since past 4-5 days! Today also with his photo. Should I continue it?

I’d suggest giving this article on Banishing Your Lust for Result a read.

Getting those first few results can be a little tricky, as magick often works best when you expect the results to come, when you don’t particularly mind how or when they will come, and if you are even fine with the magick not working as you initially wanted it to.

This can certainly be a challenging mindset to cultivate in the beginning. Even now I’ll sometimes catch myself lusting for certain results, while others I can allow to unfold quite easily, so it’s perfectly normal for this to be tripping you up a bit.

What I would recommend is that you not continue with the paper burning that you’ve been doing. This approach can sometimes be effective, where you do a ritual every day until you get results, but in my opinion it is more likely to make you question how effective the magick is, which seems to be the biggest issue here.

Try to distract yourself with other things such as your work, friends, or a hobby, anything to get this other person out of your mind. You could start doing other kinds of magick too, if you’d like, and re-focus yourself toward other goals.

If this is not effective, then the issue would likely be that you still carry much anger and hatred within you that was not cleansed by the working. I assume this person is not a magick-user of some variety, so protection shouldn’t be a problem (assuming that they do not have friends who secretly use magick and have put protection in-place for them).

If a week or so passes and you still cannot take your mind off this person, then, and only then, would I advise one more repetition of the working, beginning on a Saturday as is suggested. If you do repeat the working, you will need to bring forth the full force of your hatred and allow its black poison to be taken by the demons. The destruction they bring will be commensurate with the rage and hate that you give to them.

When you leave the ritual and the demon departs, you should no longer feel the flames of anger that had just consumed you. Instead, it should feel like the end of a good workout. You may be exhausted, but you will also feel satisfied and strong. After twelve days of this, and for the third time no less, your state should no longer be one of lack and weakness, but power and control.

Dwell in this power, and your enemy will crumble before your might.


Thank you so much for the in depth explanation. I actually started trying to not think about the ritual & the person and it’s working.

I have no idea about other magicks but after finishing the Curse can I get back to my normal life? To my regular prayers & positive manifestations?


You could always do some money or seduction magick, anything that’s very materially-focused to help you get out of your head and enjoying the physical world.

If your enemy remains with you, then you have not truly achieved victory. Dwelling in a state of hatred and jealousy is counter to your goals. Living well may not always be the only component to the best revenge, but it is where your revenge should ultimately take you.


Today was the last day of the Master Curse. I shouted, screamed, felt all my hatred & after the ritual I am feeling quite better. A little bit sense of victory too!

I really don’t have any idea of these magicks but Can I use law of attraction??

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Hey there
Any update from Master Curse?

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