Hello community of Become a living god - newcomer French

Hello community of become a living god. I will keep the nickname Neciphel here. I’m 30 and from france

Time to introduce myself. Life is incredible about what can make you change your beliefs and your ideas. I was a sceptickal man and have change my mind about what is possible or not. Today i’m thinking about what is truly impossible. This, keeping as much as possible a free thinking mind, letting me experiencing when possible thing.

I have been dragged into the occult and universe of Magick since one and two years. Currently completely interested in the Left Hand Path philosophy which was for me an echo of self improvement and inner quest, and of course a vision of how to find answers inside of us. This is strongly linked with my current activity : hypnosis and self improvement .

As such today i’m fond of Chaos Magick, which can link (using sigil magick) art, symbols and knowledge and most of all : creativity.

Occultism, esoterism, and magick is an infinite inner quest of knowledge…but sometimes this quest as to end in order to practice. And about this i’m currently lacking of practices not knowing really when it’s “ok” about knowledges and preparations, and humility. Sometimes i have the feeling that reading different views that you are never “prepared”. And as I think you have to show respect to humans or alive beings it’s the same for entities and the invisible world.

I’m also interested in Goetia today and one of the watchers (and others but specifically this one) called Aym has specifically drawned my attention for different reasons. It’s quite “a ghost” on the internet and “places” sharing experiences with him are quite hidden or are in places where I have not been yet. And a post by @rin about him made me think "ok this place seems to be a place where you could learn a lot, and maybe this is a sign about coming here on become a living god.

And so…here we go :slight_smile:

So, thank you for letting us (newcomers) come into your community. Hello everyone ! And let’s continue this path i have started here.

(I’m sorry for mistakes about english, I had a rather good level before but i’m not sure of it now)


Thank you for joining BALG. Have a wonderful day.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Thank you :slight_smile: