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Hello I’m new to magick and am interested in the left hand path and heathenry… But I’m having a hard time with all of this because I have a negative spirit that I made a pact with 5 years ago and he won’t leave me alone and he is trying to stop me from doing magick or invocation because those things would most likely wipe him out of my temple… He says he’s blocking me from getting into trance and theta … But people on here and multiple professional sorcerers that I have done consultations with have told me that you don’t need trance… SO THATS A PLUS AND GIVES ME HOPE!!!

But some people have told me that you need alpha, and I think its a state of trance. Can somebody tell me if it is? And to help me understand it better? If so awesome please reply!!!

Anyways I look forward to working with many of you and you will all be a part of my magical journey…

If any of you can give me any tips or advice on invoking spirits without getting into trance please do


I’ve heard of things like this happening with others and have spoken to the spirits. Its unlikely that he is trying to stop you from using magick. What it is is he is annoyed by you evoking him as he has better things to do.

Here is something you can do. Do rituals instead to “let go of his magick,” and to only use your own. This is because it only happens in symbiosis with him as spirits do not exist outside of human experience, but rather “with” them. When you let go of the spirits energy then you will stop bothering him and vice versa.


Quiet your mind and soften your gaze. Much like relaxing to go to sleep but without closing your eyes this will help. Also looking at the intersection of a wall where the line is. Pull your vision and focus back until it’s “blurry” this will help.


What spirit was it, and what were the terms of the pact?


He told me his name was gerris haroldson, which is a human name, but I think he is lying and is really a demon… A psychopathic one who is extremely cruel and violent towards me.

I didn’t really perform a ritual though, I had a spirit come to me after reading a book and we got into arguments and I started to get irritated so I told him I’m going to sell my soul and get rid of him so he gave me the spirit that is with me now and then left… I got screwed over




Regardless of trance states. Your intent and focus are paramount. Performing baneful castings can have negative side effects. Be careful what you practice as you will have to live with the results.


Did the spirit appear to you in a dream or what.
Let me know

he just appeared randomly like 3 days later after i made the deal with him… i was smoking weed with my friends and then i felt like my stomach was going to explode… later on that night the spirit came to me and started torturing me mentally telling me that if i dont go through with the deal that he will torture me until i die physically and mentally

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Sounds pretty cool. You should write a Science Fiction book or something.