Hello! Book Advice Please

Hey! I want to know if this book is worth it to buy: Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Is it worth for all the money? Is it good and accurated both to practice and the demons. And how you summon them. Is it more for Christian side or goetia theistic satanism side? Thank you for reading.

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Book will explain how

Yeah it’s a good book

I don’t remember it being massively expensive?

It is massively expensive now at least for me living on an island. Thank you for your input. I hope to buy it soon. :slight_smile: have you read and done any of the book’s exercise?

If you don’t mind reading the book on your phone, it’s only $9.99 on Amazon Kindle, vs $39.99 paperback edition.

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Absolutely, yes.

Yes, it contains modernised descriptions of each demon’s powers, and instructions for three rituals: petition, connective evocation, and full evocation.

Neither. It’s got nothing to do with religion, neither Christianity nor Satanism. Although, the opening ritual and each of the three rituals include calling on various angels to oversee the work.


If I were stuck on an island alone and with only 1 book, I’d want DOM by Gordon Winterfeld- Truly


I’ve been through 3 copies of the book. I wore out my first two with notes, traveling w/ it, spilling shit on it like candle wax etc., my blood, etc…

I spilled whiskey on one of them making an offering to Sallos and dark roast coffee all over Belial’s pages, I’ve taken copious notes all over the sigil pages, you name it. Dirt and mud from doing rituals outside at night and getting caught in thunderstorns :rofl:

I’m trying to keep my 3rd clean!

So, to answer your question and not bragging here either - apparently it’s worth at least 3 times its cost to me!


God you guys have inspired me to go out and get the book. :star_struck:


Ok! Thank you for that! That must be an awesome book!

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I would probably take the old lesser Key Goetia, but now, I’m kinda thinking of writing up my own grimoire, with all the important stuff I have learned and take that.

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That would be great idea tbh. I also have that lesser key of goetia, tbh. Its good. :slight_smile: I don’t know which to use dr. Phil Rudd or the Mathers.

I know right? people always asking the obvious. the book explain it all. that’s the point of getting the book. It’s like people don’t have common sense of what a book is. they want you to tell everything about the book.

the ridiculous question that have been ask is. ’ how do you use the book?’ read it of course. lol. Or how do you cast spells in such book? read it of course. the book give step instructions. Its’ like they want another to handfeed the instructions that is in front of them in the book.

I dont’ get people asking the simplest basics of basics questions.

Not talking about the poster here but recently many of these common sense things that is self explanatory if they just use simple thinking.

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best way is to print out digital version and put in binder with sleeve protector. save you money from keep buying the paperback if your strap for cash.

the cost is nothing compared to what you can achieve with the magick. it’s a mega tremendous bargain.

just one successful spell alone is already return in investment.


Thank you! Where can I get that digital pdf?

amazon sells the kindle digital version


Not here and we can’t tell you. We don’t share pdfs on this site, it’s against the Terms of Service to violate US copyright laws.

Also some grimoire pirated pdfs are cursed or have deliberately incorrect pages. Just so you know. It’s best just to get the kindle or nook book (Barnes and Nobles version).

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It’s 40 bucks on Amazon. I don’t remember it being that expensive for some reason. But along the lines of what wisepup said, I have no problem with that considering the returns.

I’ve worked a shit ton of successful magic out of that book.

Everything I do I feel like is derived from GW’s system. It’s been a long time since I followed it to the letter. But I still go into it for various things weekly.

The sigils are awesome as are the words of power.

I also use his ritual opening almost daily the way most use the LBRP since it’s the same angels.

Thank for that info!