Hello! another newbie here

I’ll start by saying Hi! Happy to be here in such a seemingly welcoming space! :sparkles:

I’m just going to go by my username for now, so I’m Daeodon, 23 years old, and have been interested in the spiritual and darker side of things for as long as I can remember. I was raised in a very conservative christian household and quickly found myself outcasted by simply asking questions or refusing to sit still and follow whatever someone else told me was true…

Now that I’m my own person, I’m doing my own research and keeping my mind open and accepting what my heart tells me is right. That’s what lead me to first the satanic church, then a dabble in sigils and auras, etc… And so here I am continuing my journey and exploring at my own pace. I look forward to seeing what else I can learn and would love some recommendations!


Welcome to the forum.

How long have you practiced?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

Thank you for the welcome! But, well, I’ll admit I’ve been very inconsistent on again off again for a few years now, so in total I’m not sure! Maybe 3 years?

The only thing I think I’ve become decent at is meditation, (though in my chaotic household it’s hard to find a moment of silence,) when I do it seems that imagery, through what I can only assume is my third eye or something, comes easily. Though it’s very… Hard to understand, like it’s not coming from a single source, just a confused static as if I were standing in a crowd of people talking and unable to focus on one single conversation. A bit Overstimulating, actually.

So I suppose right now I’d like to become better at honing in on one thing at a time, focusing or I suppose being able to tune out some of the background. Direct communication with a single entity would also be amazing! I’ve often read stories of people experimenting with things like spirit guides, guardian angels, etc… Sure would love one of those for myself, if it’s possible. :man_shrugging:


It’s possible, but it takes pracitce.

Look around the forum. Use the little magnifying glass in the upper right. There is a lot of information available here to help you get started :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome. I like your intro. I can relate, moved out of my choatic household almost 2 months ago and the “static” became much easier to fine tune. If you live around a quiet place outside like forests or places you wont be disturbed i would make a secret magic space you could work in. Most of my better results came from created spaces such as this :wink:

Plus you can leave your chaotic household for a while and do your own thing. Keep following that intuition, the intuition is the rabbit hole.


If you’re interested in checking out a book on practical magick, you may enjoy Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. It’s my preferred text for working with Lucifer and his Legion, though there are others around as well if you don’t vibe with this one.

You mentioned that one thing you’re working on is your psychic abilities. Shahtan, the demon King also known as Satan, can help you improve your psychic and magickal abilities. The book I referenced contains a system of magick that you can use to summon him, along with many other demons with a wide variety of powers.

You don’t need to banish to do these rituals, but you may want to learn one for general protection and to clean-up any “psychic gunk” that may be around you. That could perhaps be part of the cause of the “static.”

Welcome to the forum, and I wish you the best on your magickal journey :mage: