Hello and thanks to Dantalion!

Hello, so my name is Julia and I’m 19 years old. I’m not entirely new to magick. My interest in all of this started a few months ago when i fell in love with someone and it ended pretty badly and still I can’t get over it. So i started searching for all the possible ways to solve the problems I had with him including evocations of Sallos and Dantalion, petitions etc. I’ve read demons of magick and my first evocation was from this book but then i decided to work with sigils and just chanting enns. I tried contacting spirits (mainly Dantalion and Sallos) many times but I wasn’t sure if they heard me because i couldn’t sense them. I still haven’t got what i wanted from them and now I’m pretty sure it’s because i doubted myself too much. 2 weeks ago during meditation i asked Dantalion for a small thing but it was really important for me (it was about changing someone’s mind) and Dantalion did it for me. And here I would like to give him huge thanks! Without Dantalion i would be pretty screwed right now. And I will never again doubt myself. I believe that spirits who are called always listen. I would love to work with demons in the future, master the evocations and i want so badly to have a relationship with Dantalion. In order to do so I decided to improve my astral skills, work with my chakras, perform meditations and finally to open my third eye. I would really appreciate any advices from you guys.


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