Hello - and thank you!

First of all a thank you to everyone behind BALG and especially the youtube content that first brought me here - it’s magnetic stuff.

Now a hello, from a long-time interested, mostly in-the-closet left-handed believer.

Brought up to question everything in quite an alt-for-it’s-time family, my mum a witch, grandmother a Spanish gypsy with strong occult beliefs I was surrounded with magic as a day-to-day norm. Physical manifesting, psychic knowledge and other such antics were commonplace and so as soon as I hit the “normal” world (Christian surroundings at college) it was assumed I was in some way possessed which naturally led to exorcism (it failed and took them all night until they gave up but was fun all the same).

Girlfriend at the time was an evangelical Christian, which didn’t help but she was lovely and worth the pursuit. College got harder, studied more and eventually all of my occult past lay forgotten and wasting away. I occasionally caught sight of something in my eyes in mirrors, but apart from a few blindingly accurate and very precise psychic readings of friends I lived a normal life. 20 years went by in the blink of an eye.

10 years ago moved to very rural cottage (Scotland, UK) when I began re-awakening. Felt a pull towards a dark female entity which I suspected was Hecate, and my working with her led to a bit of a rabbit hole where I also enjoyed the presence of Lilith, a death Goddess who’s name I never caught but assumed to be a version of Santa Muerte and then behind it all I felt as strong male-ish presence.

I knew deep down it was demonic but wasn’t sure if it was the being I’d seen inside myself whilst in my youth, or something else. There was beauty and a kind of dark light and I had a feeling it was Lucifer. I got chatting, just conversational - no answer, just my monologue but I felt replies and so at that moment I made a pledge I’d work with him if he’d guide me.

Fast forward another year and Lucifer is a daily part of my life. I’m also quite a fan of Clauneck and Bune (well I had some urgent financial needs and they delivered).

I feel a real deep love for them all, mixed with some nervousness at times as I never really do rituals like they do in the books, so I’m spiritually without an antivirus.

Still a devotee of Hecate and luckily our cottage is on a three-way crossroads so meetings are a cinch.

And now I’m here to learn more. I’m out of my self-imposed closeted vacuum and looking to make some connections.

So - hello!

Welcome to the BALG forum!

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