Hello All

Hello All,

My name is “Bagua”.

I have been reading the forum since a few days, and decided to register.

My background is mainly in esoteric practice from the East, Zen in a martial context, and Daoism.

I have been picked out by a Deity about 5 years ago, who changed my whole perspective of what I was practising. He didn’t like what I was doing and possessed me (in terms of better wording), and guided me with channeling energy, and keeping and storing it inside. This is in a context of Chinese Martial Arts; I guess I was all over the place; and he teaches me everything; from Baguazhang to Xingyiquan; and even Japanese Sword play.

He speaks in an old Chinese/ Japanese language; I can’t understand most of it; but the intent is there to realize it’s meaning.

This Deity is black in nature, and he has a black face.

He is righteous; and told me there is only one rule; virtue. In times of distress he has came; and helped me out.

I value my free will, and my birth-right highly. Unfortunally, when I moved into a city some years ago, this has not come without it’s challenges, in terms of people around me interfering with my practise.

“Light workers” have messed me up very bad, to say the least. Still interfering with my life; up to this day.

Anyways; looking forward to learn, and have meaningful conversations with all of you.

Best regards,


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have any experience in the Western Ceremonial Tradition?

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Nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

No, not at all. Browsing through the various Demons of Western Tradition recently gave me that very familiar warm feeling; and rekindled my connection with my Deity, and interest though.


Welcome to the forum pages.

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Thank you.

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Thank you!

Curious that the entity would speak a language foreign to you, though not completely surprising if my peripheral knowledge of eastern masters is accurate.

Do you have some knowledge of the language or does it just bleed through in gnosis?

Have you delved into eastern culture and myth to discover the identity of this being?

Hi. Welcome to the forum.
What do you mean? Crazy New Agers?

Apologies for having deleted my earlier replies.

In short; I have been accused of being possessed, and people have been interfering with my life, and cut short my connection.

I actually have attachments on my neck, spine and both sides of the head. There is something on my 3rd eye/ forhead aswell.

Now and then I can get things off, and always with replies from my neighbour, who coincidentally always freaks out at the exact same time when I remove an attachment.
The place is badly isolated, so I can hear them speak. She even said out loud “he got it off!”, after something snapped off from my spine.

I wasnt sure in the past, disbelief, but I confirmed it 100% now.

So yeah, lightworkers, or whatever it is.

Somebody have any advice on how to counter this? Im completely new to magic, I have had the connection with my deity for about 5 years. He always had my back, made me feel calm, covered me with blackness and gave me a safe feeling, always positive for me. One time some dudes were about to throw rocks at the appartment, I got covered in black and all of them backed off.

In Malaysia I visited a daoist temple for clearance on the matter, and went through a ceremony to connect and practise with this deity, yet thx to my neighbours its all blocked.

Now and then he gets through, but my mind been such a mess lately I can hardly keep the connection up. I feel as being manipulated aswell, can hardly even think about payback, like Im being pacified on the spot, and to just ‘let it go’.