Hello all

I am new here. I found this group on a google search of Papa Legba. I am in Canada and I have a friend in Scotland who is a reader and a medium. He told me that Papa Legba went to him. I guess Papa Legba told my friend that he was in my house. So I have been searching to see who this person is. I get conflicting information on him some states he is the devil and some say he is good. So I want to find out what is correct and maybe I can find out here

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Do you have any experience in magick yourself?

No. I know about spells and such. I know that I was able to see spirits for a long time after my massive heart attack but now not so much. I know I would like to find out about this Papa guy and maybe try to speak to him bjut have no idea on how.

I mean…Can’t you contact this Papa Legba -or whatever- guy via your friend?

you are welcome

Curious. Papa Legba is a Lwa in Haitian Vodoun.

Have you had any altercations with a practitioner? Do you have Haitian ancestry?

To others: I realize these are not necessary for the Lwa to show up given Koetting’s history with them, just trying to help pin down the why.

I don`t know anything. Sometimes this fellow from Scotland I talk to sometimes he says things that are not accurate. He says Voodoo stuff is not good but yet he says Papa guy is going to help me. But yet I have no idea why he was in my house if in fact he was in my house. I spoke to someone who is supposed to be Haitian about something so I have no idea if this is the reason or what.

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