Hello all!

I am a student and observer more than anything. I have been studying occult topics since childhood, allowing the knowledge to shape my understanding of reality and keeping myself from falling into easy bake paradigms of perception.

Several years ago, I came across the work of a Buddhist American named Cameron Day who teaches soul contract revocation. This has greatly impacted my life and worldview, and has given me a severe allergy to dogma in the realm of spirituality.

This is likely why I find the information here so interesting. Western esotericism tends to be taught by stuffy and fearful dogmatists, making it difficult to digest. I find none of that with EA. Plus, he just comes across as a sincere dude with a lot of boldness, rather than a massive dork with social anxiety. Lol.

Anyway, I’m a secret practitioner. I’ve done a lot of meditation/visualization. I’ve dabbled with evocation, sigil magick, candle magick, and mantras. I’ve created a tulpa. My goals are to liberate myself from fear and to continue to increase in knowledge and thus power.

Many thanks!


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Nice name.
What the lhp needs is Dogmatic Satanism as this will better allow us to argue, fall foul of official teachings and disintegrate over infighting! The Orthodox Satanic Dogmatics versus the Liberal Satanic Dogmatics. And just think, it all began over whether it was obligatory to use only Catholic or Orthodox church consecrated wafers in the High Satanic Black Mass.


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Thanks! I think Tom represents well the idea of not getting sucked into various “important” agendas that people try trap you in and simply being a powerful master of one’s own life. My role model.