Hello all :)

I am from the US(Florida), Currently 28. Name is Curtis, though i go by redmoon online. I have no former practice(that I know of) in any magick. I like the world of science and tech, but have always been interested in the nonphysical/magickal world.

I’m interested in any and all magick, and hope to learn as much of it as possible. I’m currently trying to become a better helping person, develop my astral senses and capabilities, and to further develop myself nonphyically.

I also seem to have a large intrest/connection with dragons, elves, and succubi. Hoping I will come to find out why that is.

Looking forward to being with you all :slight_smile:


Hey redm00n

I’m pretty new here as well. Im not sure about the dragons or elves but I’m picking up that you may be drawn to succubi in order to use them astrally; inorder to infiltrate the dreams and thoughts of others. Are you interested in psychic vampirism at all? Welcome!

Welcome @redm00n to the BALG forum.