Hello All, this is Patrick

Hello everyone. I am Patrick. I am 53 years old and am in Tennessee. I am about 3 years into studying Astrology and Numerology, with a brief study of Damon Brand’s books (which I had some LIVELY results from…).

I am looking forward to learning from others, and have a few questions along the way.



Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Patrick! I am glad to bump into another practising Astrologist, maybe we should exchange some messages in private together for discussion.

What led you to study astrology?

I don’t really know what led me to it. It was almost like IT chose me! I’ve been studying it online mostly, and have discovered Vedic Astrology, which is Indian Astrology, and is a LOT more accurate than Western Astrology, though it is totally different, and really hard to understand. I recommend googling this woman named Joni Patry. She also has youtube videos where she has monthly and yearly predictions, and it is SCARY how accurate she is! She also has a website.

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